How to Make Cheese – FAQ

How To Make Cheese - FAQ
  1. Why should I make cheese?
    Many of our students have turned their passion for cheesemaking into a business and some have won prestigious awards at national and international cheese competitions!

  2. Is cheese making difficult?
    Cheese making is not very difficult to learn and providing you have the correct ingredients you will make good cheese.

  3. What is the main ingredient for making cheese?
    Any type of milk, such as from a cow, goat or sheep is the main ingredient for making cheese.  The difference between each type of milk is its fat content and this does affect the formation of the cheese.

  4. What is included in the cheese making course?
    Included in the class is our artisanal  cheese course manual with recipes, a comprehensive cheese tasting and wine pairing session, aprons, hairnets, and everything you need to make cheese over the three-day course.

  5. How many people will be in each class?
    Class sizes are limited to 10 students so everyone gets plenty of hands-on experience. 

  6. How long does it take to make cheese?
    The length of time it takes to make cheese depends on the type of the cheese you’re making. Usually, the cheese making process takes anywhere between 3 to 6 hours.

  7. Will I be able to take my cheese home?
    Yes, students will have the opportunity to take home some of the cheese they have made with their own hands.